GEAR UP! Low Budget/Mobile Filmmaking Gear/App List

All the gear below is not in any particular order. Gear is like dating, you might need to try a few different ones out. Don’t try to fall in love with a piece of gear just because someone recommends it. Almost all of these can be found on Amazon or B&H Photo/Video ( or Adorama ( There are lost of companies out there, but there are lots of quality differences. Jump on YouTube to find reviews of these products. Also, there is not a direct correlation between price and quality. This is just something you will find out as you purchase or find reviews. Camera Conversion Lenses Moment - Beastgrip - Sirui - Moondog Labs - SV Optics - Ulanzi - Filters ND or Variable ND (neutral density) K&F Concept - Tiffen - PolarPro - Diffusion Tiffen black promist Moment cinebloom Check out B&H and Amazon for others Rigs & Cases BeastGrip - Small Rig - Ulanzi SV Optics Moment Shoulderpod - Stabilization Mono/Tripod Amazon Basics Sirui Manfrotto - K&F Concept Joby - Neewer Gimbals (Amazon/B&H) DJI - Zhiyun - Feiyu - Moza - Hohem - Lighting LED - Pocket/Portable/Studio lights Aputure/Amaran (Amaran is the budget brand of Aputure) - Yongnuo - Neewer - or the Neewer store on Amazon FalconEyes - best place is Amazon falcon eyes store GVM - Dracast - Viltrox - Fotodiox - Battery Pack Anker - —- Amazon is the best place to purchase Vemico - Amazon Goal Zero (offering solar power, as well) Tons of others out there. Just grab some. Audio Zoom - Rode - Comica - Sennheiser - Movo - Diety - Saramonic - Boya - Apps & Software LumaFusion - professional video editing; can be where you start and finish your edit or fits within a larger workflow; a MUST HAVE - iOS/iPadOS/M1 Macs Filmic Pro - pound-for-pound the best way to capture video with manual control; another MUST HAVE - iOS/iPadOS/Android XtoCC - translates fcpxml to standard xml for Premiere and other apps - MacOS Automatic Duck Ximport AE (plugin) - translates FCPX to Adobe After Effects - MacOS Automatic Duck Xsend to Motion - send Final Cut X timeline to Apple Motion - MacOS Adobe Spark Post - graphics for social media, video thumbnails, basic motion graphics - iOS/iPadOS/Android/browser based Shot Professional (ShotPro) - previsualization app/software; figure out your shot before you leave your desk; create animated or still storyboards - iOS/Android/Mac/PC mojo (pro) - great motion graphics templates for video and social media; good for title sequences, YouTube openers, and more - iOS/iPadOS & Android Alight Motion - great for motion graphics; full manual control of elements; it's not After Effects... yet! - iOS/iPadOS/Android Procreate/Procreate Pocket - amazing drawing app; can also do frame-by-frame animation - iPadOS/Pocket for iPhone Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer - Similar to Photoshop and Illustrator - iPadOS/Mac/Win Adobe Photoshop/Fresco/Illustrator - the industry standards for graphics and photo manipulation; some apps are iPad only right now - iOS/iPadOS/Mac/Win Keynote - for presentations, but you can use it for limited graphics/motion graphics; It's free and it comes with your apple devices - iOS//iPadOS/MacOS/Browser-based MS Powerpoint - like Keynote, it's for presentation, but if you're creative you'll find a way to make it work for you - iOS/Android/Mac/PC DigiSlate - app for iPad/iPhone that helps you sync your audio and video; a digital clapboard Clapboard Pro - another clapboard MovieSlate 8 - probably the most expensive clapboard, but has a lot of high-end functionality; more for professionals on big movies/series Celtx - script, budget, schedule, and organize all in one place. MUST HAVE for indie to larger productions - iOS/iPadOS/Browser Based Shot Lister - keep your shoot day on track with this app. MUST HAVE for complicated shoots - iOS/iPadOS/Mac/Android Other links that may help Triune Digital/Film Riot - Triune Digital is a part of the Film Riot company. Film Riot is a brilliant YouTube channel and resource for low budget filmmaking. A MUST VIEW channel. Check out their videos and the triune website is where you can find LUTs, Sound FX, Music, VFX elements, and more. Video Co-Pilot - another incredible resource for anyone who uses Adobe After Effects to do visual effects. There is a great YouTube channel, but start at the website and you'll be amazed! Mobile Movie Making Magazine - a great place to find out who's doing what in the world of mobile filmmaking No Film School - one of the best filmmaking blogs out there. YouTube Studio - an absolute MUST USE if you upload to YouTube. It's your video/channel's hub TubeBuddy - Get it! Use it! Don't question it! If you upload to YouTube, this app/plugin will help you take your video's SEO, thumbnails, etc. to the next level VidIQ - a lot of the same tools as TubeBuddy, but there are a few cool differences. You can't go wrong with either one, but you need to have at least one of them! Keep checking back. I will continue to compile my list of companies and gear that I feel are important for you to consider.