In the year 2016, scientists were able to see into another dimension by using a particle accelerator. We went looking for something—someone—someone to prove that we weren't alone in the universe. We thought we were looking through a one-way mirror. But, someone— something was watching US. They studied us, tracked our behavior... we gave them everything they needed to take over. They waited until we were the most vulnerable. Political unrest, riots, environmental distress, pandemics... That’s when they hit us. Turned our autonomous cars, police and military hardware, personal devices... anything with a computer for a brain against us.

They gained control of our infrastructures, governments and banks... made humans their servants. We keep their mining equipment working, maintaining the instruments of our own undoing as they strip-mine the planet.

The worst part is the children. They're being used to keep us in check. If we step out of line, we never see them again. But, humanity won't be held down. Around the world, small groups of rebels unite. Together... we will rise.